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Route takes surface streets in Pleasant Hill

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I rode the Rock Island Spur from Pleasant Hill out 15 miles today and was surprised to learn that the trail doesn’t follow the railbed between the fairgrounds and HWY 7. There are signs directing users on two roads that have moderate traffic and not much of a shoulder. It appears this is because of an incomplete section with a tunnel under an active rail line. Does anyone know why that part is not complete? Maybe property ownership or that the tunnel is unsafe? I haven’t been able to find any info, but it would be ideal to have this segment included at the start of the trail.
posted Jun 30 2019 8:21PM - Michael Reuter, Kansas City, MO

The Facebook group 'Rock Island/MoPac Trails at Pleasant Hill' discussed this. Some conclusions included: "Each rail crossing adds to the liability burden of railroad. [Railroads] resist new ones with every inch of their attorneys." and "The direct trail route out of the fairgrounds...crosses ‘live’ tracks.... There could, potentially, be rail cars on this ‘siding’ at any time preventing safe crossings."
posted Aug 18 2019 9:21AM - Kutzbergermeister, KCMO

The Pleasant Hill Trailhead is excellent. As a walker, the route to the trail is on a state road marked "bike route", but there's no bike lane, and in some places the pavement is crumbling into the ditch - no shoulder whatsoever. If two cars try to pass each other with a pedestrian or cyclist at one of the spots, someone could die. Without any indication of how far I'd have to walk in such conditions, I turned back and drove to the next access, on Purvis Road. That's too bad, because Pleasant Hill could offer great services to bicyclists and walkers, if only they could access the trail there.
posted Oct 17 2019 9:01AM - Ernie Davis, Lee's Summit

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