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Bike Route from Olathe to Pleasant Hill

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Is there a bike route from Olathe, KS to Pleasant Hill that largely avoids roads with high traffic and also has a shoulder or bike lane?
posted Oct 7 2018 11:47PM - David, Olathe, KS

The Indian Creek Trail will take you about 26 miles towards your destination but I think it will be roads the rest of the way from the end of the trail.
posted Oct 8 2018 9:55AM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

There is a bike path along 150 hiway after you get east of State Line about a mile, it is seperated from the hiway, there is a shoulder on the road up to there. The bike path runs I think to Smart rd, then go south to PH , there isn’t any shoulders after leaving 150 except there may be a bike path along Smart rd for a ways. If you are used to riding roads this is probably doable, if you arent comfortable around traffic it would be best to to find another way. If you come up with another solution please post it as this question comes up now and then.

posted Oct 8 2018 10:28AM - Allen, Shawnee, Ks

Scratch above conversation I remembered it wrong, bike path ends at Ward rd.
Then it would be all two lane south from there. Sorry
posted Oct 8 2018 10:36AM - Allen, Shawnee,Ks

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