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My husband and I were disappointed in the western end of the trail which ended in Clinton. We were looking forward to seeing the western end, expecting something remarkable that celebrated this wonderful trail's western end point. There was the typical train stat6 mi)ion / Katy Trail informational signs which were nice, but the bathroom was dirty, and you could not drink from the water fountain which was filthy. I had expected to fill up my water bottles here, but didn't; returned to Windsor (16 mi) by bike with only 4 ounces of water :( The trail came to an unceremonious end a little bit past the train area,
posted Sep 12 2018 9:16PM - mjbg, Fort Collins, CO

OOps, sorry for the typos in my previous post; don't know how to correct that which has been posted....
posted Sep 12 2018 9:19PM - mjbg, Fort Collins, CO

WHAT? You mean they no longer have the marching band and confetti cannons to great you at the end? I guess it became too cost prohibitive to continue the operation. Also a shame they don’t have any restaurants in town anymore. What’s the world coming to?
posted Sep 13 2018 8:41AM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

We started our trip in Clinton and spent 2 nights there prepping. It's a very short, flat ride on side streets from the nice (but quiet) historic downtown. The Henry County Museum was worth visiting. There are plenty of places to eat and buy supplies in the (not as quaint) business area that is also nearby and easy to get to. We enjoyed the ride to Sedalia and were very glad we didn't skip this part of the trail.
posted Sep 13 2018 9:11AM - OCtandem, OC, CA

Well...if we would have known you were coming, we would have baked a cake.
posted Sep 13 2018 11:55AM - Anonymous

Good thing you all didn't go to Machens. :)
posted Sep 15 2018 2:45PM - Hank

I'm just thankful that bathrooms and water fountains exist.

Here is a tip to be prepared for less than surgical cleanliness on bike trips. Take a few wet wipes and fold them into a small size and stick them in a heavy duty ziploc bag. Squeeze the air out of the bag and seal. Stick the packet you've created in your bike bag.

You now have a way to clean a toilet seat or water fountain when you come across one. A couple of wet wipes take up just about zero space, weigh virtually nothing, and come in handy on occasion.
posted Sep 18 2018 3:49PM - Matt, Lees Summit

Good idea. Or just buy a 20 pack of antibacterial Wet Ones and put it in your bike bag.
posted Sep 18 2018 6:04PM - Anonymous

Just finished the trail last week. Rode it from St Charles to Clinton. My feeling is that the Katy trail is a state park and most state parks are short on funds. I actually heard that there was an option to end the trail in the square in Clinton but it got shot down because of cost. Dunno.. I think the trail brings business and the square can use the business. If you want to see how nicely a trial can be then go visit the GAP and see how Cumberland and Pittsburg welcome their rails 2 trails riders and hikers. However, the trailheads on the GAP are no where near as nice as the Katy. Had a super time. Appreciate what you find on the trail ... great people and wonderful towns. Wonderful time!
posted Oct 5 2018 6:29PM - Anonymous, Texas

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