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Legal Hammock Camping on the Katy/Rock Island

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I'm looking to make it all the way across from Pleasant Hill to St. Charles and would like to try and only use my hammock and tarp. I'm looking to see if anyone knows of several places that are for sure okay to use hammocks. I don't want to do any sketchy stealth camping or have to worry that I'm trespassing, I'd like to keep it legal for my peace of mind (and, you know, respect for others).

I know I can hammock camp at The Katy Roundhouse, and probably Steamboat Junction near Bluffton. Other ideas I've had are camping on a conservation area like Hart Creek near Hartsburg, or Diana Bend near Rocheport. Or I've heard of people putting up their hammock on the actual posts at the trailheads... don't know if that's allowed though. I know I can't hammock camp at Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, or in Klondike SP in Augusta.

Anyone have any thoughts? Site suggestions? Resourceful ideas or warnings? I know I could just call all the campgrounds individually, but I thought I'd ask to see if anyone has already invested research or experience in it first. If I get some good pointers and enough places to do this, I'll compile an organized list of available hammock places for anyone to look up for reference later in this thread. Thanks!
posted Apr 26 2017 7:52AM - Devin, St. Louis

PS/PSA - Always opt for using straps instead of ropes. Ropes tend to destroy trees. Even if there's no visible damage to the bark, having a lot of pressure in the 1/2 inch that a rope pressurizes strains the tree's 'circulatory' system. The straps I use are a good 2 inches wide and disperse the pressure better. ... In case anyone was concerned. I'd like to make a point to dispel campground owners' fears about hammocks and distinguish between the harm of ropes vs straps.
posted Apr 26 2017 10:57AM - Devin, St. Louis

I've seen hammocks used at Cooper's Landing.
posted Apr 26 2017 11:05AM - John Hutchins, Pacific

Camping is not allowed in the park. Trailheads are part of the park.
posted Apr 26 2017 11:16AM - Anonymous

You shouldn't have any trouble at all finding "legal" spots to hang a hammock. In fact, that might be a better way to go.

Clinton: at the pavilion behind the community center
Pilot Grove: pavilion at the city park
New Franklin: at the campground
Coopers Landing: wherever they put you
Hartsberg: at the covered pavilion
Tebbets: just stay at the hostil
Blufftown: at the campground
Marthasville: at the ball field shelter
Klondike park

Personally, I'd go Pilot Grove to Coopers Landing to Marthasville to St Charles, with a trip into Columbia for some good food and drinks at Flatiron. That is some good long days that let you earn your beer, with good food options at all those places.

Have a great time.
posted Apr 28 2017 8:51PM - ArkyKenny

You can hang your hammock in the back yard at the Globe in Hartsburg for $25 bucks, which also gets you a shower and breakfast.
posted May 2 2017 4:33PM - weevilhog, Lenexa

All type of guidance about hammocks and camping is available on this site
posted Jul 2 2020 3:05AM - Alena, United Sates

I believe Katy Rock Junction in Windsor has stands for hammocks.
posted Aug 18 2020 4:40PM - William Benz

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